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Triworld Shipping Services NY – Sogemm SAM, Monaco

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about us

With more than 40 years of experience in Dry Bulk Chartering, Triworld Shipping / Sogemm SAM is a willing partner for the ocean transportation of bulk, breakbulk and special cargoes to easy or difficult places. We offer worldwide shipping on a customer-to-customer basis with a fleet of bulk carriers suited for target clients. Our offices located in both sides of the Atlantic have a long track record with well-established companies and are always open minded towards new business. With in-house control of all aspects of the shipping venture: commercial, operations, technical, accounting, risk management, and claims, you will always have an experienced partner looking for value creation opportunities.

About us

Vessel and Cargo Management

A Committed Partner:

We work with all kinds of investors who want to make shipping part of their portfolios. From newcomers to families with intergenerational expertise in the maritime space to venture capitalists, we offer our expertise to enter and exit the asset play with valuable results.  As long-time participants of this industry, we have seen vessel values shoot up with tremendous returns for shareholders. In most cases we participate with our own equity to emphasize our commitment to the venture  


Cargo Management Services:

Whether it’s a part cargo or a multiyear contract, we assist with strategic planning to achieve competitive freights and preserve the customer’s bottom line within the allotted deadlines  


Vessel Commercial Management:

With decades long Chartering and Operational know-how, we execute with the intent to generate outstanding results and cost-effective voyages. The scope of these activities include: promoting and marketing the vessels to our diverse clientele, vessel trading in constantly changing market conditions, keeping operational costs competitive (port, fuel, brokerage, miscellaneous expenses, etc), reviewing and ordering payments, preparing and settling laytime calculations and claims, supervising voyage documentation, pursuing collection of freight and other outstandings, and solving charter party disputes or their defense in arbitration


Sale and Purchase Consultants:

Analysis of newbuilding contracts with shipyards and lead in the complete process of sale and purchase of second-hand ships


Vessel Inspections:

In our highly regulated industry, it is categorical to have on call personal capable of maintaining ships at peak operational standard. Our team of highly qualified engineers is frequently deployed for monitoring ship’s conditions and keep close contact with the vessel’s command for upkeep and value retention

Vessel and Cargo Management
Cargoes and Charterers

Cargoes and Charterers

Triworld Shipping/Sogemm SAM is an Ocean Transportation Group operating mainly within the handysize to Supermax segment of Dry Bulk Shipping. Since 1979 the company has transported millions of tons of diverse commodities for industrial plants, miners, agricultural companies, traders, and chemical companies.










•Iron ore



Unmatched Professionalism       Expertise with Challenging Ports and Cargoes

A Partner for Shipping Investors      Worldwide Coverage

investing with 

Triworld Shipping/

SogemM SAM

We are a small group of individuals deeply passionate about what we do. We welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded people who have a sincere interest in shipping. Through our long history, we have demonstrated an ability to weather storms and reap the benefits of well-timed investments with strategic approach to volatile markets.


We minimize risk through exceptional operation and performance of second-hand assets with the objective of keeping earnings potential during the project life, reduced exposure of value over scrap and asset value retention based on vessel specifications.

Deals are structured with various upside potentials and exit windows to take the best advantage of market conditions. Target acquisition yields reasonable returns in a low market, double-digit returns in a base case, and significant improvement thereover in a best-case market.  

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Stefano Pallanca

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Monaco Based

Direct: +377-9-330-5931

Cel: +39-346-986-1696

Milind Trilokekar

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New York Based

Direct: +1-914-273-2410

Cel: +1-914-645-0115

Sven Delija

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Monaco Based

Direct: +377-9-330-5931

Cel: +33-64-061-7292


Affiliations/ links

Association of Ship Brokers and Agents
The Propeller Club
The Standard Club
The Meco Group
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The fleet’s Commercial, Operations and Accounting requirements are covered by way of the company’s offices in Monaco, Monte Carlo (Sogem S.A.M) and New York (Triworld Shipping Services, Inc).   A professional staff of 11 shipping and financial professionals keep the fleet running 24/7 on a worldwide basis

New York Office

Triworld Shipping Services, Inc.
200 Business Park Drive, Suite 204
Armonk, New York 10504

T: +1 (914) 273-2410
F: +1 (914) 273-2415

Monaco Office

Sogemm S.A.M.
Europa Residence
Place des Moulins 98000
Monte Carlo, Monaco

T: +377-93-305-931
F: +377-93-305-932

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